Brazilian Blowout FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Brazilian Blowout?
A Brazilian Blowout is a semi-permanent, customizable smoothing treatment. It works by smoothing down the outside layer of the hair shaft, known as the cuticle layer. The cuticle layer is like the skin of your hair, and like skin, is susceptible to damage. Getting a Brazilian Blowout improves the condition of your hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft. The result is silky, shiny, frizz-free hair!

AshleyB4 AshleyAfter Ashley was sick of spending so much time in the morning on her hair, especially after starting a new high stress job.

Can I get a BB?
Brazilian Blowout is customizable, so it works on most hair, be it frizzy, poofy, wavy, curly or kinky. It can be used on thin hair or thick. The only restriction is on severely damaged hair, because the treatment requires the hair to be flat ironed. If the hair is too damaged to withstand a flat iron, it may be best to talk to a stylist about how to get it back in shape before getting a Brazilian Blowout.

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How does it work?
The Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Solution is applied to clean, damp hair which is then blow-dried and flat-ironed. The flat-ironing is the most important part, because this is where all the customization comes into play. Based on the condition and texture of your hair, a Brazilian Blowout Certified stylist (like us!) can determine how to go about flat ironing your hair to obtain the desired result. The solution is then rinsed out, and you are left with smoother, fast drying, frizz free hair for up to 12 weeks! Most of us were not born with easy, “jump out of the shower and go,” kind of hair. The Brazilian Blowout makes it possible for you to be one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have to call in sick whenever it rains for fear of a hair disaster!

SuzyB4 SuzyAfter Suzy’s hair, curly underneath and straight on top, was the bane of her existence until she got her first BB.

How much should I expect to spend?
Brazilian Blowouts vary in price. Across the US, prices vary from between $150-$400. Always remember, when it comes to your hair, you get what you pay for. This service is very work intensive for the stylist, and the Brazilian Blowout solution is not cheap. Remember, this is a specialized service that takes experience to do correctly. If not done correctly, at best you won’t see results or the results don’t last long, at worst your hair could be damaged if over flat ironed. (See “Will Brazilian Blowout damage my hair?” below.)

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Will Brazilian Blowout damage my hair?
There is nothing in the Brazilian Blowout solution that will damage your hair. However, if not performed by a certified Brazilian Blowout stylist, your hair could be over flat ironed during the process. A certified stylist knows what your hair needs and what it can handle. So don’t choose a stylist because “you got a deal.” (See “How much should I expect to spend?” above.) Choose somebody who knows what they are doing and are charging for this expertise.

IngridB4 IngridAfter Ingrid’s hair was unevenly textured and slightly damaged. Nothing BB can’t fix!

Do I have to use special shampoo after a Brazilian Blowout?
Yes. It is very important to use a sulfate free shampoo after a Brazilian Blowout, to keep it from being stripped out. For best results and to extend the life of your Brazilian Blowout, it is best to use the Brazilian Blowout product line. They have shampoos, conditioners and styling products that help to refresh your Brazilian Blowout every time you use them. They are not cheap, but they are worth it to keep your Brazilian Blowout looking better for longer.

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How does Brazilian Blowout differ from traditional chemical straightening?
Traditional chemical straighteners are really only good for coarse, curly hair, whereas Brazilian Blowout is great for all hair types. When it comes to chemical straighteners, finer hair textures need not apply! Chemical straightening will definitely get your hair straighter than a Brazilian Blowout. But they leave your hair damaged, dry and with little movement. And breakage is a real possibility. This is because they work by going in to the cortex of the hair and changing its chemical makeup. The result is permanent, which would be great if hair never grew! Instead, by chemically straightening your hair, you are resigning yourself to regular touch ups. If you decide you are sick of the breakage and want to stop getting chemically straightened, you then have to grow out the permanently straight hair while dealing with curly roots. No fun at all, I can tell you. This is a great opportunity to start transitioning to Brazilian Blowout! The Brazilian Blowout may not get your roots as straight as the chemical straighteners, but it will smooth the line of demarcation and help to add health, shine and movement back in to the damaged, previously straightened hair. And, if you decide later to let your hair go natural, you won’t have to fight the regrowth from a Brazilian Blowout. Since it is semi-permanent, it will slowly wear off as you wash it, giving you an easy transition with no awkward “growing out” period.

LindyB4 LindyAfter Lindy had extremely coarse and stubborn hair that would never lay down.

How does Brazilian Blowout differ from Keratin treatments?
Keratin treatments are more similar to Brazilian Blowout then chemical straighteners, in that they are semi-permanent, and in that they work only on the cuticle layer of the hair. There are two major differences, however. 1) After getting a Keratin treatment, you may not do anything to your hair for 72 hours. And by anything I mean: wash, tuck behind ear, put in ponytail, or anything that may cause a bend to appear in the hair. God forbid you sweat! Because any return of curl and frizz, or any line caused by hairties or headbands, can become permanent for the life of your Keratin treatment. With the Brazilian Blowout, you leave the salon able to do whatever you need/want to do with your hair. No Down Time! 2) Although the results provided by Keratin treatments are similar to those provided by Brazilian Blowout, this only holds true for your FIRST keratin treatment. After 3 or 4 Keratin treatments, your hair can begin to get over proteinized. (Over proteinized hair is actually too strong; so strong it can’t bend and instead breaks! It will look dry and fragile, and lose all its shine.) Whereas if you get Brazilian Blowouts instead, your results look better and better the more times you do it! Over proteinization cannot happen with Brazilian Blowout!

It is important to be sure you are getting a real Original Brazilian Blowout. Don’t put it past a hairstylist to lie and say your getting a Brazilian Blowout when it is really another Keratin treatment. Instead, assuming you don’t live close enough to come to US for your Brazilian Blowout, I would suggest checking at: Brazilian Blowout Salon Search to find a certified stylist near you.